We are one of the premier Traxxas dealers in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex. We carry almost every single part you may need to service your Traxxas Car or Truck. You could literally almost build a complete vehicle from our Parts Department.  Unlike most Hobby Shops in Town, we will help you start your vehicle and fine-tune it after break-in for free after the sale.  So if you need help, or some advice keeping your R/C Vehicle in tip top shape, stop in and let us help. We'll even give you a hand if you didn't purchase it from us!
T-Maxx: This is the Monster Truck that started started it all. If you want all out backyard bashing then this is your truck! Jumping, wheelies and all out run over everything high speed fun. Your neighbors will love this truck!  We now have the new T-Maxx. Come check it out!
Revo: This award winning Monster Truck with it's formula-1 suspension, has endless suspension tuning possibilities. Along with the durability of the 3.3 racing engine you'll Kill' em at the track.  We now have the new REVO in stock. Come by and check it out!
JATO: (Jet Assisted TakeOff)  As the name suggest, this car should be on every N.A.S.A. engineers desk.... Pull the throttle back and watch this truck blast off down the street!  With speeds reaching 70mph+ you might break the sound barrier.
E-Maxx: Just like its nitro brother the T-Maxx, this truck will electrify you and your friends!  Just charge up the batteries and your off terrorizing the girls at your local club. The New E-Maxx now has water-proof electronics and a grerat new design. Come by and check it out!!!
Nitro 4-Tech: If your in the market for fast, then this is your ride.  This sleak and sexy R/C touring car will make you the envy of all your buddies, not to mention It's a total chick magnet!  This car is perfect for drifting at the local parking lots.  With the 3.3 power this bullet will go mach2 and set your hair on fire. 
Electrics: We carry the Bandit,Rustler and Stampede in both the basic Xl-5 system, and the new Velineon  brushless system. If your looking for a great beginner model with almost zero maintenance, then the basic XL-5 models are for you. But If you want an electric model that will almost blow away any nitro powered rc vehicle, then the new Velineon models are your choice. These new Velineon models are extremely fast and quick . Come in and let us show you one in action. We have several different battery  sizes to set you up for fast, faster and fastest. With the right battery, these models will literally smoke just about any nitro powered rc vehicle on the planet!
We now have the new SLASHER in stock. The new SLAYER is on its way!!!!!

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